Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This little guy slept thru the night last night for the 1st time in about 3 weeks.... YAY!!! He started sleeping thru the night when he was about 2 months and has done great until recently. I am not sure what happened but it has been killing me... let me tell you, it is hard to go to work on 3 hours of sleep! The past week I have been a complete zombie at work... OH well, he can keep me up all night, every night if he wants to! I am blaming the sleepless nights on teeth but I am not for sure. His top gum is very swollen and super red, so I think that they are going to pop thru any day now. Poor little man.... that has to be so painful.

Well I am finally starting to get excited about Christmas.. (it's about time)! I have to work till 12 today and then we can start our Christmas holiday!!! I have 1 more gift to buy and I will be done but as for the wrapping... I will just say I have 4 presents wrapped. I have got to go home and get busy!

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