Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well I have been trying to get my house decorated for Christmas since a few days before Thanksgiving and I am just not having any luck. I just can't get with it and it just doesn't really feel like Christmas time to me, which is sad because I love the holidays! So I finally got one tree done and there is still one to go... not to mention my mantle and piano, etc. Kerry and I started putting Jett's tree up in his room before Thanksgiving and I finally got it completely finished... YAY! Now my other tree is a different story and it makes me just want to SCREAM! I have a huge pre-lit tree and only half of the lights are working and I can't get them to come on to save my life. So my project for tomorrow is to take it apart piece by piece and get it to work.... tell me that isn't going to be loads of fun! To end on a better note here are some pictures of Jett's tree in his bedroom! I LOVE how it turned out. (Kerry... I did find a way to fit every last ornament on it!!!)

I think he is pretty happy with it as well!

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