Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to Normal

Whew... we have had a very busy past few days. I worked half a day on Wednesday and went home to try and finish everything for Christmas but I still didn't get done! We woke up on Christmas Eve and Neal was not feeling well at all. I mean not good at all because he asked if I would take him to the doctor. Let me just say he has not been to any kind of doctor since I have known him.... He must have felt bad! I took him to the doctor and he got a shot and a Z-pack... I don't think the doctor ever told us what the problem was, but being the doctor that I am.. I am thinking a Sinus Infection. We got home and took a LONG nap and then Jett and I were off to the Christmas Eve service at our church. It was very nice and Jett got to see Santa again. Santa came over to talk to him and he just smiled so big. He is such a cutie! After church we went to my Aunt Kim's for a Christmas party and we had so much fun but when we left it was coming a hurricane outside. We got home and Jett went to bed and we played Santa! I think we finally went to bed around 1:00. Christmas morning we got up at 7:30 and opened presents at our house and then had to be at mom and dad's at 8.. I think we got there at 8:30. I wish you could have seen him opening his presents... it was precious. He would have rather have the paper than anything! We had a big breakfast and then opened presents. Jett got a ton of clothes, man socks (as my mom calls them), jammies, lots of books, and the Fisher Price Lullaby Sea Horse! After we got done there we were off to Alabama to Neal's moms. We met Star, Stacey, Matt, Justin, and Uncle O'Neal. Jett opened more presents and got tons of toys, a new fleece coat, and a new Alabama blanket which is very cute! From Neal's moms we went to his Uncle Bob's for lunch. Then it was back to my Nanny's for more family time. Jett is the 1st grandbaby on this side of the family and let me tell you, he is rotten. This child is loved! He got to open his presents here and got tons more stuff.... clothes, a new pair of Robeez, toys, money, and a wooden train from my Nanny and Pop. After we left here we went to my Grandma's, my dad's mom. We ate dinner and opened more presents. My Grandma made him the most precious book... I will have to show you guys. (I am not trying to brag about all of Jett's presents... I am just trying to document so I can remember)! It was a really long day and Saturday we were able to rest... thank goodness. Yesterday we slept in and were making our plans for the day and all of the sudden I felt sick to my stomach and guess what... I had the stomach virus. So my mom came to get Jett and I slept all day yesterday. He spent the night with them and I haven't seen him since yesterday around 11.... I am missing him like crazy! I came to work today so hopefully things will be getting back to normal!

P. S. I will post my Christmas pictures later tonight!

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