Tuesday, June 22, 2010

May 21, 2010

On with our busy May!! My sister got married on May 22 so we spent or 21st at their rehersal and dinner following. It was so cute. They had a "country casual" theme that was decorated with bandanas, daisys, and all things country. And the best part was we had Sticky Fingers BBQ which was divine!! Here are a few pictures from our evening!

Oh... and I forgor to mention Jett had been running a VERY high temperature since the night before so I can't believe how happy he looks in these pictures.

Jett with his Great-Grandfather, POP

I love this picture! Jett getting lot of love from Becca and Bailey.

Nan and Pop

Jetti dancing with Maddie


  1. Hello,

    You want know me but Neal does. My daughter, Lauren went to school with Neal. He's always been a sweet boy. Well, I guess I should say man now, huh? Jett is so cute I can see both of you by looking at the pictures and I think he favors you both but I can definately see Neal Shavers in the little cutie pie. Tell Neal Lauren and her husband are expecting baby number 3. They have Zilah-3, Addison 1 and baby is due in January.

    Well I won't keep you but I was excited when I ran across your blog and realized who you were.