Monday, June 21, 2010

Catch Up

Well I know I am officialy the worst blogger but we have had an EXTREMELY busy last few months. I am going to try to get everyone caught up on what has been going on with us since the beginning of May! I will do one post at a time... SO May 1st!

We started our month off with another doctor's appointment. Jett woke up not acting like himself and he wasn't eating well so we were off to the dr. Jett saw Dr. Rawlings that day and was not very happy that Dr Smith was not working! I think he cried the entire time Dr. R examined him. He thought he had Strep Throat but thankfully that test was negative but he did say he had some type of throat infection and another ear infection in BOTH ears.... geez!! So another antiobiotic once again.... Augmentin this time. After he started the antibiotic he was MUCH better!

That night was the Mother Daughter Banquet at our church and I debated all day on whether or not to go because Jett was sick. We ended up going and he did so good... as always! We went with my mom, sister, 2 of my mom's sisters, and my cousin Canaan. We had a really good time and we got to spend some quality time with my mom!

Mom and Kerry

Aunt Chris, Aunt June, and Canaan

Me and my Jetti

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