Thursday, March 18, 2010

9 Month Pictures

Jett and I had VERY busy day on our Wednesday off. Our busy day started Tuesday night... Jett woke up crying every 30 minutes and sleep maybe 2 hours the entire night. I knew something wasn't right because he is NEVER fussy. We had our 9 month well visit with Dr. Smith Wednesday morning so I thought I would just let him check everything out. Well it ends up Jett had fluid in both ears and a pretty good infection in the right side. So we have our first ear infection and our first antibiotic at 9 months. He is taking the Pink Bubble Gum flavored Amoxicillin and he LOVES it... he always wants more after he takes it!! After we got done with Dr. Smith we went and had Jett's 9 month pictures taken and they turned out GREAT! I love them ALL!!! Here are a few of my favorites.....

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