Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rod Run 2009

This past weekend we loaded up and headed to the annual Rod Run in Gatlinburg, TN with our best friends Natalie and Brian. We usually go to Gatlinburg a few times a year for Neal's work trip and to go shopping but it isn't really my favorite place but it can be a nice get-a-way. There were so many people there you couldn't move much less drive anywhere... I have never seen so many people in my life. The cars were lining the streets and we loved looking at them all. Brian has an old car and Neal is aching for one..we will probably have one before you know it!!!

In the Saturday attire.. Jett is saying

Neal loves the muscle cars.. the louder the better!

This type of car is my favorite.. I don't know what they are
called but I call them Bubble cars!

Jett was so good all weekend... He really enjoyed looking at the old cars
but was not so sure about the heat!

Looking at all those cars was exhausting!

"Mom... Texas Roadhouse is not one of my favorite places."

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  1. Looking at all of those cars made me tired too. I have never walked so much in my life. I'm suprised I could even walk the next day. I thought I would be sore. I'm glad he did good. he is so precious. I can't wait to see him thanksgiving he will have changed so much by then.