Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yard Sale Day #1

Well it is time for the 10 million mile yard sale again... I think I heard someone say it goes from Gadsden, Alabama to somewhere in Ohio. I have never been big on yard sales.. I honestly don't know if I have ever been to one but I thought I might try it out this year. Neal and I have way to much junk so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for us to clean house... not to mention maybe make some extra money!!! The yard sale is today, Friday, and Saturday so I thought I would keep you guys updated. Day #1 we made around $70.00... not to much but I thought it was good for it to be a work day... not to mention it was $70 more than I started with!

Aunt Kerry is home so she came and helped us today. Jett and I are so glad she is home for a few weeks!!

Yard selling wears him out!

Doesn't he look so good in his glasses!!!

Look at all that junk!


  1. PLEASE tell me that that "D" shirt is for Dade? That is adorable!!!

  2. He is so cute in his glasses. I was so glad to see him when we came down. He is so precious. Enjoy him know because he will grow very fast.

  3. He looks so big in his little sunglasses. Hope you ended up doing well. There were a lot of people out there buying "junk."

  4. So did you sell everything in the yard sale? Ya I agree with Jett yard sale stuff makes me tired too.