Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Month with New Additions

We added a new addition to Jett's room that is just to cute not to share. My 2 favorite aunts ;) brought these back from their vacation. Are they not precious!

July 12th was Jett's 1 month birthday... I can't believe that my little man is 1 month old already. How time flies!!! He weighs 9lbs 5oz and is 22in long... he is above average in length. Hopefully he will be tall like his daddy!


  1. I love that bedding! It is precious!
    He is a cutie, Amonie!

  2. Your 2 "favorite" aunts?!?! I probably shouldn't have read that out loud when my Mom walked by. She didn't look amused. Actually she said, "Well that leaves out me, Aunt Tina, and June.:("

    Baby Jett is getting so big. Lila keeps talking about him.

  3. I finally added you to my blog roll. I'm glad you commented on mine so that I could get your address. I haven't been able to remember it.
    See you soon. Oh, have you seen all the pics Tad took?

  4. I love the bed stuff and the pictures are cute too. We are coming in August the 1st through the 5th or 6th. I hope to see you all then. Love Donna & Bryan