Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Should we or should we not?

Our little man has picked up a new habit in the last few days that has me a little concerned. When he is not eating or sleeping he is constantly sucking on his hands or fingers. Probably no big deal but these days I am worrying more than usual... Maybe that is normal for a new mom! Neal and I have been debating a paci since Jett was born and were trying to avoid it but we finally gave in and tried it out. He took it right off the bat and seems to really enjoy it. He doesn't take it often, just when he is bored and sucking on those hands! I had to share a picture with yall of him and the paci... it is just to cute! This first picture was just to precious not to share! Hi Aunt Kerry!!!

Is this not so adorable... it takes up half of his face!

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